Update Kindle Fire

Just like any other tablet, it is very important to Update Kindle Fire occasionally to improve device performance, enhance security and add new features to the device. Most of the time the Kindle Fire automatically updates. However, there is always an exception. Sometimes, the users miss update notification but want to Update Kindle Fire. In that scenario, a user needs to Update Kindle Fire device manually. In this guide, we are going to discuss how you can update your Kindle Fire device by following the simple instructions without any hassle.

How Can I Get Updates For My Kindle?

Check the Software Version

Before any update, you need to check the software version to make sure that you haven’t installed any Kindle Fire Updates. You can check this by following the below-mentioned steps:


Swipe Down from the Top of the Kindle Screen and Tap on the Settings option. Click the ‘Devices’ option and then ‘System Updates’. At the top of the screen, it must read “ your device is running Fire OS X.X.X.X.” At the time of this writing, the current version of Fire OS is 5.3.1 or” 

Update Automatically

Usually, when the Kindle Fire HD/HDX is connected to the wireless network, the device starts updating on its own without any input from the user’s end whenever the new update is available.

Upgrade Kindle Fire Manually

  • If the update is not downloaded automatically, you can go to the ‘Settings>> Device Options>> System Updates>> Check Now/ Updates option. The latter will open if the Kindle Fire Updates are downloaded.

  •  The device will restart for applying the updates. After the restart, you will get a message ‘Installing System Updates’.

Update Kindle Fire Using Your PC or MAC

  • If you are using the MAC device with OSX10.5 or higher, you have to install the Android File Transfer first on your device.

  •  Visit the ‘Fire and Kindle Software Upgrade Page’. Scroll down until you find the particular device and click on that device. Download the software Update found on that page.

  •  Turn on your device and unlock it. After that, connect the device to your MAC or PC using the USB cable.

  •  On your system, open the driver ‘Fire’. If you are using the MAC device and installed ‘Android File Transfer’, the program must open automatically when you connect to the device. Drag the Update Kindle Fire file you have downloaded and shifted the file to the internal storage folder. Do not put the software update in any other folder present in this drive.

  • Once the file transfer process is complete, disconnect the device. On your device, swipe down from the screen’s top and click on the ‘Settings’ option. Click on ‘Devices>> System Updates>> Update to begin the installation process. The tablet will restart automatically and after that, you will receive a message “Installing System Update”.

With these simple instructions, you can Update Fire tablet as well as the device. So, follow the steps and complete the installation process without any hassle.

How to Update Kindle Fire