Remove ads from Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle is an amazing device ever introduced for the book lovers. It allows users to enjoy their reading experience with better comfort and without any hassle. Kindle is an awesome companion of the people obsessed with reading. While using the Kindle device, users often see add on their lock screen and struggle to Remove ads from Kindle Fire. Well! This is a quite common query with the Kindle device. If you have decided that you have had enough with the advertisements and want to Remove ads from Kindle Fire, you can turn the adds off just by following some simple steps.

Most of the users prefer to buy less expensive Kindle models that include the adds and special offers on the home screen. This often affects the user experience and they want to remove the ads and special features. Here is How to remove ads from Kindle Fire for free. 

How to remove ads from Kindle Fire?

To turn off the ads on Kindle Fire, you need to follow the given simple steps and after that, you can enjoy the ad-free Kindle experience.

  • Log in to your Amazon account and go to the Amazon Contact Us section.

  • Click on the ‘Devices’ option present at the top of the ‘What can we help you with’ section.

  • In the ‘Tell us More About Your Issue’ section, choose the ‘Kindle Ereader’ option from the ‘Select the device you need help with’ drop-down. 

    • Now, click on ‘Select your issue and get connected to an expert’ drop- down and choose the ‘Something else’ option. 
    • In the Next step, enter ‘How do I remove the special offers from my Kindle’ in ‘Something else’ option. 
    • At last, click on the ‘Chat’ option in the section ‘How would you like to contact us?’. 
  • Now, you will be connected to the customer support team. The experts will take care of your request and revert you in the minimal possible time.

  • Turn on your Kindle device and make sure that Airplane mode is not enabled. Immediately a message will appear below on your screen indicating that the offers “Special Offers have been removed from your Kindle.”

With this process to turn off ads on Kindle Fire is complete.

Enjoy the Add-Free Kindle Experience

With the help of the aforementioned steps, it is quite simple to turn off ads on Kindle Fire easily and quickly. Follow the steps carefully to avoid any sort of mistake or hassle in the add-removal process. If you are still unable to remove the add, we recommend you to contact Kindle help team via a toll-free number and seek their help remove unwanted ads from the Kindle. The experts will always give you advice. 

Turn Off Kindle Fire Ads