Register Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the best eBooks available for sharing an ultimate and uncompromised read experience with the user. Kindle fire supports the different features which include huge storage capabilities for a wide range of books, user-friendly features, and multiple book reading option. To use the eBook, a user needs to Register Kindle Fire with their Amazon account. Without registration, reading books on Kindle Fire is not possible. Connecting the Kindle Fire with Amazon account is a simple and easy process. In this guide, we are going to discuss the simple process through which a user can Register Kindle Fire with the Amazon account.

Important – While using the Unregistered Kindle Fire, a user may not be able to use certain features supported by the ebooks.


Here are the steps to follow to Register the Kindle Fire:

Step 1: Wireless or 3G connection

If your Kindle Fire device supports the wireless connection, you can easily connect it to the nearby WiFi at the time of initial setup. If you have already set up the Kindle Fire or decided to complete the WiFi setup later then, you need to go through the additional guidelines given at the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the Menu>.Settings>>WiFi Network and from there you can connect the Kindle device to the home network.

Kindle Fire 3G users won’t face any trouble in getting started with the device as long as the cellular connection is available. If your Kindle Fire is unable to connect to the Kindle network, contact the experts for Kindle support and follow their instructions to troubleshoot the issue.

Register Kindle Fire With Amazon Account

Amazon  Kindle Fire registration process is pretty simple. Just go to the Menu>.Settings. In the list, you can see the ‘My Account’ option. The Amazon account users just need to provide the login details of their existing Amazon account. If you do not have the Amazon account yet, you need to create one for registering the Kindle device. The direction will appear on the device screen. Follow the instructions and you will able to complete the registration process without any hassle.

Optional: Kindle Registration With Computer

In case you do not have the Cellular or WiFi connection, you can still register Kindle Fire with your Amazon account. From your PC, visit the and sign in to the account. Go to Manager your Kindle. You will be able to see the link to register your Kindle device. Once you have accessed that link, you can move forward to Kindle account. Here, you can key in the Kindle serial number available in the Settings>>Device Info section. Click to register, your device will get linked to your Amazon account.

That’s All! Your Kindle registration process is not complete. Now, you can read any book you want on your Kindle Fire device and enjoy the uncompromised reading experience with better visuals anytime you want. All the steps are pretty simple to execute. Just make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully while registering the Kindle Fire device.

If you still have questions, you can visit the Official Amazon support page to learn more about your device. You can also avail the expert assistance to troubleshoot the issue. 

Amazon Fire Registration