Get Solution For PC Not Recognizing Kindle

PC not recognizing KindleIf you still remember, the Amazon Kindle has entered the market to just solve the purpose of reading books digitally. You can access the books on the go with the Amazon Kindle. But, with the advancement in technology, it has also advanced the range of its Kindle. Now, you can have access to movies, or games, or everything with the Amazon Kindle. You can enjoy it over the big screen by connecting to the PC or TV. But what to do if the PC not recognizing Kindle? Most of the users asked how to resolve Kindle not Showing up on PC issue. Well, this guide is then certainly for you to explain all the steps to make Kindle recognized by the PC. So, let’s move towards the solution to resolve your issue.

Solution For PC Not Recognizing Kindle

The issue may occur from a silly mistake to a major problem. So, it is important to cover all the points so you can have Kindle working on your PC by the end of these solutions. So, proceed with the first solution.

First Solution: Try Different Port or Change the Cable

The issue may occur because of the wrong port, or the wrong cable. The chances are that there is a fault in the cable or the port making the PC not recognizing Kindle. Therefore, follow the steps given below:

  • Check the USB port on the system should be damage-free.
  • Also, check the cable used for connecting should not be torn or cut.
  • If both are fine, then first try to connect with the different USB ports, and see if it recognizes them.
  • If not, then try to connect to some other device to identify whether the USB port is working.
  • Then, change the cable for Kindle, and connect to the USB port which is identified as working.

So, if there is some issue due to the USB port or the USB cable, then it should be resolved with this solution. Now, your Kindle should be recognized by the PC. But, if still, the issue is there, then move to the next solution. 

Solution 2: Charge Kindle For Continuously 30 minutes Or More.

Sometimes, the low battery level may also create a problem in the recognition of the Kindle with the system. Therefore, charging the Kindle for a long time may also help in the resolution of the problem. So, follow the below-given guidelines:

  • Connect your Kindle to the charger given along with it.
  • Keep it on the charging for 30 minutes or more without touching or doing something over the device.
  • Once it is charged to the optimum level, then try to connect the device with the system.

If the problem is because of the battery level issue, then it should get resolved with this solution. Otherwise, move to the third solution.

Solution 3: Try To Connect Kindle On Other System

This is just a hit-and-trial method. This solution will let you know basically what is creating the problem, either it is Kindle or System, or USB. So, connect your Kindle to another system and laptop. If it works, then there is an issue with the system settings of the previous system.

Solution 4: Make Sure Kindle Driver Is Installed

To make any device run on the system, it is important to install the driver first. So, if there is no Kindle driver in your system, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Devices Manager.
  • Then, locate the Portable Devices option.
  • Now, search for an MTP device or Kindle and click over it.
  • If you found them, it means they are installed so click on update the driver software.
  • If not already installed, then go to “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  • After that, select the option of “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
  • Go to the option of Show Compatible Hardware.
  • Select the MTP USB device and click on the Next button to start the installation.

If the driver was the issue, then your issue must be resolved in this step. Otherwise, only one solution is left to apply the hard reset for the Kindle.

Solution 5: Lastly, Apply Hard Reset

If none of the above solutions has worked for you, then it means the issue is with Kindle. So, complete the hard reset for the Kindle to bring all the settings to default again. So, apply the steps as follows:

  • First, connect your Kindle to the PC.
  • Then, keep the power button of Kindle pressed for around 40 seconds.
  • Don’t release the power button till the Kindle will start automatically.
  • Once, the Kindle is restarted, then releases the button.
  • If the Kindle doesn’t restart automatically for 1 minute then, release the Power button.
  • Restart it by pressing the power button again.
  • Try to connect the Kindle with the PC and check whether it recognizes it or not.

So, these steps will help in the hard reset of the Kindle, and mostly resolve the issue with the Kindle, if there is any.

Kindle Is Recognized!

These solutions should definitely resolve your issues for Kindle not Showing up on PC. All these steps will make sure that your PC should recognize the Kindle device, and you can play or share your photos or presentations over the system. Therefore, now there is no need to say that your PC not recognizing Kindle, and take advantage of the big screen.