Manage Content and Devices Kindle

You may have purchased the Amazon Kindle device or downloaded the Kindle application on PC, Smartphone, tablet, or MAC device. With time, you may download many ebooks and other content from Amazon or set up multiple devices with the Kindle application. But, do you able to manage content and device Kindle? Well! With Amazon Webpage, a user can view and manage the Kindle. Through this webpage, a user can also remove the devices which are not in use. In this guide, we are going to share the easy steps that how a user can manage content and devices Kindle without trouble.

How to Manage my Kindle?

Start by signing to the Amazon page to manage content and devices Kindle. In this section, you can check the content, ebooks, displaying by default.


Sort the Books

If you want to re-arrange the books, you can click on the ‘Sort By’ menu and change the sort order to author, title, or acquired date.

Manage the Books 

For managing the single items, you can click on the ‘Action’ button present next to it. A pop-up menu will appear on your screen displaying the different options. 

Deliver to a device

You can deliver the items to the default Kindle device or the device in which your Kindle app is outfitted.

Delete a book 

 If you can also delete the purchased items while managing content and devices kindle. It will remove the item from the account and devices.

Return a book 

 In case you have snagged any item for free, you can return it. This will remove it from your Kindle device.

Download a Book

If you purchased a Kindle or any other supported device, you can download the books to your PC and after that transfer the books to your device using the USB cable.

Restart the Book 

You can restart reading the books whenever you want.

Send a book

If you desire to send Kindle ebook to someone as a gift, you can click on the ‘Give Now’ option and do it. 

Categorize the Book

You can add the ebook to an existing or new collection in a manner that you are categorizing the book.

Choose multiple books 

If you want to manage the multiple books in just a single shot, you can do by clicking on the ‘Select’ button for each one. After that, you can choose to deliver them to the particular Kindle device, add them to a collection or delete them as per your preference.

Account settings 

You can click on this tab present at the top. Here, you can change or set up the default payment method, your saved WIFI password, email address for the device and the other options.

Hopefully, after reading the aforementioned guidelines, you will get an answer to the query How Can I manage my Kindle content and devices. If you still have a doubt or need more information about manage Kindle content and devices, contact the Kindle experts. The experts will help you to manage the device as well as application and also clear your other Kindle related queries. 

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