Kindle Wi-Fi Problems

Amazon Kindle device is like a personal library of the users who are fond of books. However, there are certain Wi-Fi connectivity issues that may occur and end up ruining the reading experience of the book lovers. If you are using the Kindle services,  you probably know about the Kindle Wi-Fi Problems. Many times, the Kindle device does not connect to the Wi-Fi network and prohibits users from reading online content.  It is not possible to browse anything if you do not have a working wireless connection for Kindle.   In such a situation, Amazon leaves the user with no possible choice except troubleshooting the Wi-Fi issues as soon as possible. In this post, we have covered the common troubleshooting steps that can help you to deal with Kindle Wi-fi problems. So, read the post, and follow the guidelines to bring your Kindle back to online mode.

Guide to Troubleshoot Kindle Wi-Fi Problems

Before you begin with the process to fix the Kindle Fire Wi-Fi Connection Failure, make sure that you know the exact version of the Kindle device you are using. Different Kindle versions support different troubleshooting methods.

The Kindle Wi-Fi problem may occur due to authentication failure.  If you continue to encounter the connectivity issues on your Kindle device, follow the simple tricks mentioned below and get rid of this issue:

Restart Your Kindle Device

The first and most important thing you have to do is restart your Kindle device.   Press and hold the power button on your Kindle device for about 6 seconds and after that release it.

Now,  turn on your device and try to reconnect it to a wireless network to check whether the issue is resolved or not. Else, you can proceed with the next hour shooting step.

Software Update

A software update can help you to resolve the Wi-Fi issue. So, update the software of your Kindle device and fix the Kindle Fire Wi-Fi Connection Failure problem.  You cannot connect to the Wi-Fi to update the Kindle software, thus,  you will need the expert assistance to do that.

Reset the Router

Try changing the IP address of your router from DHCP to the Static.  To do this, just turn off the router and remove the DHCP records from the internet.

Resetting the router is one of the best troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix the WiFi problem on Kindle device.

Factory reset

Factory Reset can also help you to fix the WiFi connectivity problem. When you reset your device to its default factory settings, it will remove all the stored data, cookies and viruses from your device.  After that, you can successfully connect the Kindle to the internet.

Check Network Strength

Sometimes, the problem is not with the Kindle, but the network itself.  Some of the Kindle devices work well on the 3G wifi network. You have to check the signal availability before you proceed with anything else.  Make sure that your Wi-fi is working fine.

The Bottom Line

Amazon Kindle the first choice of users when it comes to the best online reading experience.  However,   users may face Kindle Wi-Fi Problems on their devices from time to time. In this post,  we have mentioned some simple troubleshooting solutions that can help you to deal with Kindle Wi-Fi errors.  So, follow the troubleshooting guidelines and fix your Kindle Wi-Fi connectivity problem to continue reading your favourite books whenever you want. If you are still facing the same issue,   we recommend you to contact thew Kindle experts,  they can help you troubleshoot the Kindle problems and bring it back to online.  So, contact the experts and let them help you in fixing the error.