kindle fire keeps losing wifi connection

Unstable or weak internet connectivity always restrict the user from using their Kindle tablet functionality. Your Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection and does not let you browse the internet or use other applications. Just like any other wireless-enable device, Kindle tablet also needs a strong internet connection to work. In case you are struggling because your Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection, this guide can help you. Knowing the troubleshoot solution can help you to quickly fix the issue and make sure that Kindle shares the best online reading experience with you.

Why does my Kindle Fire keep disconnecting from WiFi?

There could be a number of possible reasons due to which your Kindle Fire device keeps disconnecting from the wireless network.  Let’s proceed further and read the points below to know more:



Your Kindle device might be dropping the internet signals due to Wi-Fi interference.  This interference usually occurs when the radio waves responsible for sharing the Wi-Fi signals are degraded in the middle of the air.   The reason behind this problem could be the other devices emitting competing signals with a similar frequency, for example, Cordless Phones.   The other possible reason could be the signals passing through the hard material not letting the radio waves work well, for example; Metal.  Make sure that you keep the interference sources away from your path between the Kindle Fire tablet and router.  This could help you to improve Wi-Fi performance.


The radio waves come from the WiFi router have the finite range. There is always a degradation in electromagnetic waves when they travel. This means, if your tablet is far away from the Wi-Fi access point, then it will receive only the patchy or weak signals. To fix this concern, you can bring the router closer to your Kindle tablet. If this solution is not practically possible, you can also try to install the repeaters in your home or office. Repeated are designed to repeat the Wi-Fi Signals and extend the network range.

Provide Issue

If your   Kindle Fire keeps losing wifi connection, then the problem could be with your network service provider. If possible, you need to test your Kindle tablet using some other connection method. Let’s say, if you are using the internet through a cellular data connection, you can try to switch to the Wireless network if available within the range.  In case, if it is not possible,  you can also test the connection using some other device.  If your internet service provider can tell you about the network failure errors and also share some helpful troubleshooting guidelines with you.

Software issue

The intermittent network connection could also be the reason for tablet misconfiguration of a software bug.  You can try to disconnect and then reconnect your network,  as this may help you in improving the network signal strength.  Also,  check for the software update available and install it on your device.  The manufacturers keep introducing the new firmware updates to fix the technical bugs and improve the device performance. If this does not help you out, you can back up the device and reset it to its factory defaults.

We hope that these simple steps will help you to fix Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection problem on your device.  The mentioned instructions are very simple and easy to execute.  But,  if your problem is still not fixed,  we recommend you to contact the Kindle experts and seek the professional advice to get the task done.  The experts will always give you the best advice and make sure that you have two best Kindle experience.

Kindle Fire Keeps Losing WiFi Connection