How To Update Kindle Software

Do you know that Amazon regularly launches updates for the Kindle Fire device? Now, you may have a question How to Update Kindle? Well! Software updates on the device are very easy to install. The users need to update their Kindle regularly as it helps to maintain the error-free functioning of the device and also improve security and stability. If you are connected to the Wireless Network, you are all set to update the Kindle Fire. in this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions for how to update the Kindle Fire device.

Steps to Step instructions to update the Kindle Software:

Internet Connectivity

  • Connect to the Internet :- Make Sure that your device is fully charged to charge the Kindle Fire, just connect the charger to the power outlet and connect the other end of the charger to Kindle device. 

  • Connect the to Wireless connection :- To update Kindle Software, the wireless connection is very important. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon present at the top-right corner of your Kindle’s home screen.

  • Choose the WiFi :- Toggle WiFi network switch on. A Window where all the networks are available will appear.

  • Select the network name that you want to use :- If necessary, you need to enter the password. If there is no password, you will get connected to the internet automatically.

Updating Kindle Fire

  • Head to the Settings :- Click on the Settings icon available in the right corner on the top of your device home screen.  

  • Choose ‘Sync’ :- If any Kindle upgrade is available for your device, it will get downloaded automatically in the background. One the downloading process is complete, the updates will be applied automatically. If you want, you can update your device manually.

For the Manual Kindle Upgrade, follow the given steps:

  • Visit the Kindle Software upgrade website :- Navigate to the

  • Download the software :- Find the download link and click on that link. After that, follow the prompts for the software download.

  • Connect the Kindle fire to your PC :-Make sure that your Kindle device is turned on and not locked. Use the USB cable you got with the Kindle device to plug it in your PC.

  • Transfer the software update :- Now, you need to open the Kindle Fire drive, named as Kindle. Find the Software Update file. Drag and drop the Kindle Upgrade file to Kindle Updates folder.

  •  Disconnect Kindle Fire :- Once the transfer process is completed, click on the Disconnect option present on the screen of the Kindle device. After this, disconnect the USB cable from the device.

  • Update the Kindle :-Now, go to the Quick Settings and click on the ‘More’ option. Click on the ‘Device’ and after that click on ‘Update your Kindle’. Let the software gets updated.

With the help of the aforementioned simple steps, you can easily update Kindle Software automatically as well as manually. All the mentioned instructions are very simple, just follow them carefully. If you still have a doubt or face difficulty in the update process, you can just contact the experts and seek their help to fix the issue. 

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