How to Print from Kindle Fire

Nowadays, we are living in a world of technology, people all around the globe prefer to use laptops, cellphones, and tablets to handle the different kinds of jobs. The Kindle Fireis another amazing gadget being used by the people to read books, listen to music, watch movies and perform many other entertaining tasks. A user can even use it to check emails and print documents. Yes! You heard it right, you can use Kindle for printing purpose. Now you may have a question How to print from Kindle Fire? Though Kindle does not support any Print function, there are more ways to print the documents. In this guide, we are going to learn  How to print from Kindle Fire device? Follow the instructions carefully to print the documents using the Kindle Firedevice.

How to print from Kindle App?

Google Cloud Print is the most reliable medium to print from Kindle Fire as there is no need for a wireless printer. You can simply use the regular printer installed on your computer and connect to the Google Cloud Print Center. You can use Kindle Fire Print app to connect the Kindle Fireto Google Cloud Print.


Printing Documents

Start by making your printer ready for the Google Cloud Print. After that, you can print the documents using the Kindle Fire. Proceed by installing the ‘Easy Print’ app. You can install it for free from the Amazon App Store.

After installing the Kindle Fire Print app, open the app and you will able to see the interface.

Log in to the Google account and then click on ‘Print Document’ option. Find the document you want to print. You can choose multiple files at once and click ‘Print’ option.

Working The document you selected will be emailed to the server and then transfer to the PC that you have connected to the cloud-ready printer. The printer will get the command the print out the documents.

Printing Web Pages

For printing the web pages, you can use another Kindle Fire Print app called ‘Printer Share’. You can download the app from the Amazon Store or Google Play store.

Open the built-in web browser in your Kindle Fire and go to the page you want to print. Click the ‘Share’ option present in the bottom of the menu and select ‘Share via Printer Share’ option. You will be directed to the Printer share application. If you want to customize the settings for printing and select the printer and paper size to print the web page.

Printing Emails

Kindle Fire users can print the emails just like the web pages as they can log in to the email in the web browser. If you do not want to login to your email, you can check in the app. Printer share could be the best choice for this. Open the application and on the left side, you will see Gmail as the image. Select the emails and take the print out.

Important – The Kindle Fire Print app does not access Google account information in the Kindle Fire device. But, if you have the rooted Kindle Fire and have native Google Android system installed, you may be able to make the best use of this function. Or you can go to the web browser to take the printouts.

With Kindle Fire Print app, you can also print the images, events on your web pages, google calendar, google docs and documents.

The only thing you have to take care of is that application only works with the Google services. If you have any other email account, you need to login to the web browser for printing the web pages.

How to Print From Kindle