Kindle Unlimited is a plan that lets you interpret as many books or magazines as you desire from the Kindle library. If you take the given name at face value, you’d presume that the sum of the Kindle list is obtainable for reading, which is not the case. You do not get entire access to all that Amazon has published. Might be you don’t have the cash for a subscription. Perhaps you wanted to attempt Kindle Unlimited but wish for how to cancel Kindle Unlimited previous to getting charged.

Secondly, whilst you can interpret as a lot of those million books (and magazines) as you desire each month, you can only have ten at a time “checked out” to your Kindle or Kindle software. Maybe Amazon has tricked you with deceptive ads creating you deem that you could test out books and do what you desire whenever you wish for. 

How can you withdraw your membership if you choose that the Kindle Unlimited plan isn’t for you? There are a few ways to stop your Kindle Unlimited plan, so we’ll wrap them one by one. Kindle Unlimited is the topmost eBook service out there right now, it isn’t for all.

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited from the Kindle Account Page

One way to stop your Kindle account is from the Kindle Account page. Kindle Unlimited might be one of the utmost services of this type at the moment, but that doesn’t alter the fact that some people have no necessity for it anymore or no longer desire to pay for it. If you desire to stop using Kindle Unlimited, here is how you can stop your subscription from the Kindle account page. Keep in mind that you should ensure for cancelling the subscription previous to the next billing time if you do not covet to be charged anymore.

  • Go to your Amazon Kindle Unlimited page. Log into your account, and you will be represented with a idea of the Kindle Unlimited contribution you own.
  • Clack on button that utters “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”. You will view it in the left-hand corner.
  • Now, click on the key that says “Cancel Membership”.
  • You will obtain a new page on your screen, one that inquires “Are you certain you want to finish your membership?” Once you observe this, you should clack on “Cancel membership”.
  • Then, you will get a novel window on your monitor confirming the annulment. It will also notify you that your subscription will still be obtainable till the next restitution date, after which you cannot utilize it anymore.

How to cancel amazon kindle unlimited

Canceling your Kindle limitless Account is also probable from the Amazon account page. If you would like to go this way, here are the steps you should go through:

  • Go to the Amazon Website.
  • Click on ‘Accounts & Lists’, and from the list of options, clack on Kindle Unlimited.
  •  From the Amazon Kindle unrestrained account page, you should log into your account if you’ve completed that already. By doing this, you will be capable to observe an general idea of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.
  • Now, clack on “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”. This should be found in the left-hand corner.
  •  Choose “Cancel Membership”.
  • You will now obtain a new page opening, with the query “Are you sure you desire to finish your membership?” You can prefer to keep it or abandon it. Click on “Cancel membership” to put an ending to the subscription.
  • Once your demand is processed, you will get a confirmation window on the screen. This will tell you the termination was victorious, but also that you can remain using the current subscription till the imminent renewal date.

Since Amazon will not lock your subscription for Kindle Unlimited instantaneously, you can make use of its perks till the ending of billing cycle. So, you can finish the eBooks you’ve downloaded in the interim.

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited On iPhone

  1. Login to your Amazon app ( not your Kindle app).
  2. On the drop-down options on the uppermost left-hand side, select “My Account” >> “Memberships & Subscriptions”.
  3. If your membership doesn’t pop up, clack through “Don’t perceive your subscription?”. Then choose “Kindle Unlimited” and then scroll to hit the “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”.
  4.  Tap “Cancel Membership” and a verification message will emerge.
  5. Once your request is inveterate, you’ll observe a message that utters your membership has been canceled. It’ll also show the date on which your Kindle Unlimited gains will finish.

Important tips about canceling Kindle Unlimited Subscription

1: You won’t be charged if you stop kindle unlimited through the free trial. The trial time is 30 days and you will only be charged after that.

2: You can abandon Kindle Unlimited Subscription on browser or Amazon app for Android/iOS. But you can’t stop it in the kindle app.

3:  You won’t get a repayment for the rest of the paid phase. You still have the access to this service till your memberships terminate. It’s also significant to note that if you stop a Kindle limitless membership that was pre-paid as a gift or monthly bundle contract, you won’t obtain a partial repayment for unused months, so you’re better off via it till the ending of the subscription if that’s the case.

4: Once your subscription does finish, your books you rented through kindles unlimited l will be eliminated from your account. So does the bookmarks, notes and highlights you made whilst your kindle contribution service was active. But Amazon will restore your annotations, just in case you pay for the titles at afterward date or re-subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

5: If you can’t stop kindle unlimited by yourself, just call Amazon support to get this completed.

How to Know if Your Subscription is Cancelled (Confirmation)

Whenever you’re working with automatic restitution subscriptions, it’s a better idea to double-check that the service supplier canceled all effectively. There are a few ways to verify this:

  • Check the Kindle Unlimited Account Page

You can pursue the same steps as above to access the account page. Once there, stare for an end date on your subscription. This ending date means you’ve previously set the account to annul.

  1. Navigate to your Amazon Kindle Unlimited account. You will now observe an indication of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription, displaying the confirmed “End Date.
  2. If the account has already been stopped (End Date already reached), the Kindle Account page will just let you recognize that you do not have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited account.
  • Check Your Registered Email

Fortunately, Amazon will notify you about any changes to your account, subscriptions, orders, etc. All you need to do to ensure that your cancellation is successful is to check your registered email account and look for confirmation from Amazon.

This email will provide you the date your limitless subscription will stop on, a “Continue Membership“ button if you alter your mindset now or later, and some titles you should understand writing at the base.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can call off anytime, but you won’t get a refund. With Amazon Kindle Unlimited and many other services, you prepay for the next month. As a result, clicking the cancel push button stops your subscription when the present billing cycle ends.

So, you won’t get a repayment for the current month, but you also won’t be billed again on the restitution date.

Does Amazon present the refunds for subscriptions?

Refunds rely upon the state of affairs, but Amazon’s official policy only lets the refunds for a select few. For instance, if you sign up for a paid contribution with a restitution date of 30 days or more (you’ll get billed in 30 days), you can annul in the first 7 days and get money back. This rule is “try it previous to committing” policy.

On the other hand, if you have already put your subscription to stop and it still renews, you can speak to Amazon’s Support squad for a refund. Assuming you stopped your subscription on the last day of your billing period, you might see another month charged. If this occurs, it’s perhaps a good idea to call the support team.

Final Thoughts: How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

That’s the end of our guide. Once you’ve gone through these steps, you shouldn’t observe further charges to your Amazon account relating to Kindle Unlimited, and all your rented books will be gone soon. If you’ve prepaid for multiple months, the membership will stay active until the date of next payment.

Have you stopped your Kindle Unlimited account? Did you have difficulty doing so through the site? Was your choice to abandon your Kindle unlimited subscription owing to a lack of titles or for another cause? If there is any other issue, please call us(800-368-8615) or chat with our experts.

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