Create Amazon Account for Kindle

After purchasing the Kindle E-reader, the first thing you need to do is to Create Amazon Account for Kindle. If you have ordered the Kindle device directly from Amazon account then your device comes already registered. After that, all you need is to charge the device and start using the Kindle services. But, if you have purchased Kindle from any other retailer, you need to Create Amazon Account for Kindle for its registration. You can even use the Kindle device without registration, but there will be limited features available. Once you have successfully created the account, you are all set to use the Kindle services without any hassle. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions that will help you to complete the Kindle account registration process.


How to Add the Kindle To Amazon Account?

If you have a Kindle device and you want to Add the Kindle To Amazon Account, then follow the simple instructions mentioned below:

  • Connect to the Wireless Network :- If your Kindle device supports the wifi connectivity, then simply connect the device to the nearby wireless network at the time of setup. Have you already set up the Kindle device or thinking about Setting up the Wifi later? Well! You have to follow the additional instructions for this. Go to the Menu>>Settings>>Wireless Network. Now, from here, get connected to the home network.

  • Get Registered With the Amazon Account :- It is very simple to add kindle to amazon account, all you need is to complete the registration. Once again, go to the Menu and then Settings. Here, you will see ‘My Account’. If you have the Amazon account, you just need to provide the details of your existing account. But, if you have not created the Amazon account yet, choose the option to create an Amazon Kindle account. You can see the directions for creating an account on your Kindle Screen. Follow the instructions and you will able to register quickly. 

Optional: Register With Your Computer:

In case, if you do not have the cellular or wireless connection, you can still Create an Amazon account for Kindle. All you have to do is use your PC instead of the Kindle device. On your computer, go to the Kindle website and sign in to your Kindle account. 

Follow the onscreen instructions, provide the necessary information and Register your Kindle device. Once you click on the ‘Register’, your device will be registered to the Amazon account without any hassle. All you require is a Kindle device and PC connect to the network. You will also require your Amazon account login credentials.

That’s It. By following these simple instructions, you can create an Amazon account for Kindle. All the steps are pretty simple and easy to execute. If you still have any queries, you can always visit the official Amazon website for more information based on registering the Kindle device. And, once you are done, you can start spending the quality time with your favorite books with the desired peace of mind. 

Add Kindle to Amazon Account